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CINNY Refillable Portable Traveling Mini Perfume Atomizer Liquid Spray Cosmetics Container

CINNY Refillable Portable Traveling Mini Perfume Atomizer Liquid Spray Cosmetics Container

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The CINNY Refillable Portable Traveling Mini Perfume Atomizer is a convenient solution for carrying your favorite fragrance on the go. Its compact size makes it ideal for travel or everyday use, fitting easily into your purse, pocket, or handbag.

This atomizer features a refillable design, allowing you to easily transfer your perfume or cologne into the sleek, portable container. Its liquid spray mechanism ensures a fine mist application for a subtle and even distribution of fragrance.

Crafted for durability and convenience, this cosmetics container is leak-proof and spill-proof, offering peace of mind when traveling or carrying it in your bag. Its simple yet stylish design makes it a practical accessory for anyone who loves to have their favorite scent close at hand.

Note: Before using, ensure bottle tightness and spray effectiveness by pressing the nozzle to expel air, and note that perfumes must have a nozzle tube length of at least 8mm and a diameter of no more than 4mm for compatibility.

How To Use

1. Remove the atomiser lids and spray a few times to expel the gas inside.
2. Check the tube size of the big perfume bottle (tube diameter ≤ 3.2mm, tube length ≤ 7mm).
3. Insert the atomiser vertically onto the perfume bottle tube and press up and down repeatedly until it refills.
4. Monitor the clear visual window to ensure the water line does not exceed its highest point.
5. After filling, spray 1-2 times to seal the filling port.
6. Close the cap and carry it with you, suitable for travel use.

Product Details

Brand: CINNY
Origin: Mainland China
Type: Perfume Atomizer
Benefits: Provides convenient portability for carrying favorite perfumes during travel or on-the-go.
Usage: Refill with your desired perfume
Net Weight: 0.17 or 0.28 oz / 5 or 8 ml

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