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PEICON Portable Airbrush Nail Kit

PEICON Portable Airbrush Nail Kit

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The PEICON Portable Airbrush Nail Kit is a convenient and versatile tool for creating beautiful nail art. This kit includes an airbrush gun, compressor, and a variety of nail stencils to help you achieve professional-looking designs right at home.

To use the PEICON Portable Airbrush Nail Kit, simply plug in the compressor, attach the airbrush gun, and select your desired nail stencil. Apply your chosen nail polish color to the stencil, then use the airbrush gun to spray the color onto your nails. Experiment with different stencils and colors to create unique and eye-catching nail designs.

This portable airbrush nail kit is perfect for both beginners and experienced nail artists. It is lightweight and easy to transport, making it ideal for travel or on-the-go touch-ups. Elevate your nail art game with the PEICON Portable Airbrush Nail Kit and impress everyone with your stunning designs.

How to Use

  1. Assemble: Attach the airbrush to the compressor using the air hose.
  2. Prepare Paint: Dilute the desired nail polish or paint with an appropriate thinner for airbrushing.
  3. Adjust Pressure: Turn on the compressor and adjust the pressure according to your preference.
  4. Test Spray: Test the spray on a piece of paper or tissue to adjust the flow and pattern.
  5. Apply: Hold the airbrush like a pen, press the trigger, and start creating your design on nails or other surfaces.
  6. Clean: After use, clean the airbrush thoroughly with water or a cleaning solution to prevent clogging.

Product Details

  • Brand: PEICON
  • Origin : Mainland China 
  • Type: Portable Airbrush Nail Kit
  • Application: Nails, Cakes, Tattoos, Makeup, Paint
  • Features: Compact, Portable, Easy to Use
  • Power Source: Electric (Compressor)
  • Airbrush Type: Gravity Feed
  • Nozzle Size: (Specify nozzle size)
  • Compressor Type: Single Piston
  • Airbrush Capacity: (Specify airbrush capacity)
  • Pressure Adjustments: (Specify pressure range)
  • Color: Silver
  • Includes: Airbrush, Compressor, Air Hose, AC Adapter, User Manual
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