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HISYI Multi Function Liquid Deodorizing Fabric Clothes Air Refreshener Fragrance Spray

HISYI Multi Function Liquid Deodorizing Fabric Clothes Air Refreshener Fragrance Spray

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The HISYI Multi-Function Liquid Deodorizing Fabric Clothes Air Refreshener Fragrance Spray is a versatile solution for eliminating odors in any setting, whether it's a room, bathroom, living room, or elsewhere. It effectively tackles various unpleasant smells, including those from food, sweat, mildew, dust, and smoke or oil, ensuring a fresh atmosphere.

This spray is designed to remove not only body odors but also lingering smells from objects, making it ideal for refreshing fabrics like clothes and upholstery. Whether it's after a workout, a rainy day, or to combat musty wardrobe odors, this spray provides a quick and efficient way to neutralize unwanted scents.

With its multi-functionality and refreshing fragrance, the HISYI spray offers a convenient solution to keep your surroundings smelling clean and pleasant. Just a few spritzes can help transform any space into a more inviting and enjoyable environment.

How To Use

1. Shake the bottle well before use to ensure the ingredients are properly mixed.
2. Hold the bottle approximately 15-20 cm away from the surface or area you want to refresh.
3. Press the nozzle to release a fine mist of the spray, covering the desired area evenly.
4. Spray generously but avoid saturating fabrics or surfaces.
5. Allow the spray to dry naturally, and enjoy the fresh and pleasant fragrance that lingers in the air.

Product Details

Brand: HISYI
Origin: Mainland China
Type: Fabric and Air Refreshener Spray
Benefits: Removes odors from various sources such as body, objects, and rooms, leaving behind a fresh fragrance. Portable travel size for on-the-go freshness. Quick and easy to use, with a variety of floral scent options available.
Usage: Disinfection and Bacteriostasis, Removal of Taste and Fragrance, Clothing Fragrance
Net Weight: 3.51 oz / 100 ml
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