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BEOTUA Caviar Essence Moisturizing Healthy Facial Skin Care Set Box 15pcs

BEOTUA Caviar Essence Moisturizing Healthy Facial Skin Care Set Box 15pcs

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The BEOTUA Caviar Essence Moisturizing Healthy Facial Skin Care Set Box comprises 15 pieces tailored to enhance skincare routines. From the Caviar Cleanser to the Caviar Leave-In Sleeping Mask, each item targets different skin concerns for various skin types. The set includes a range of products such as cleanser, essence, moisturizing water, eye cream, moisturizer, moisturizing cream, and leave-in sleeping mask.

Key ingredients like Selected Fish Roe Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Hydroxypropyltetrahydropyrantriol work synergistically to provide intense hydration, relieve skin discomfort, and promote skin repair. These components help replenish moisture to dehydrated skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and revitalized. The set is suitable for different skin types, catering to a wide range of skincare needs.

How To Use

1. Cleanse: Start by using the Caviar Cleanser to softly cleanse the skin, removing dirt and excess oil for a fresh canvas.
2. Nourish: Apply the Caviar Essence generously onto your skin. Gently massage it in using upward motions to allow for better absorption and to deeply hydrate the skin.
3. Hydrate: Follow up with the Caviar Moisturizing Water to provide additional hydration to your skin. Pat it onto your face and neck until fully absorbed.
4. Targeted Care: Next, dab the Caviar Eye Cream around the delicate eye area using your ring finger. Gently pat it in until fully absorbed to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
5. Moisturize: Apply the Caviar Moisturizer 1 and the Caviar Moisturizing Cream onto your face and neck, massaging them in gently until fully absorbed. These creams will lock in moisture and help maintain a healthy skin barrier.
6. Leave-In Mask: Finally, use the Caviar Leave-In Sleeping Mask for overnight hydration and rejuvenation. Apply a thin layer evenly over your face before bedtime and leave it on overnight for a revitalizing effect.

Product Details

Origin: Mainland China
Type: Facial Skin Care Set
Benefits: Moisturizing, hydrating, relieving skin discomfort, firming, and plumping
Usage: Face
Main Ingredients: Selected Fish Roe Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydroxypropyltetrahydropyrantriol
Net Weight: 130 g (4.58 oz) + 100 g (3.52 oz) + 50 g (1.76 oz) + 30 g (1.05 oz) + 20 g (0.70 oz) + 5 x 3.2 g (1.12 oz) + 5 x 2 ml (0.07 oz)

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