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EELHOE Teeth Whitening Yellow Stain Removing Color Correcting Fresh Oral Care Toothpaste 50ml

EELHOE Teeth Whitening Yellow Stain Removing Color Correcting Fresh Oral Care Toothpaste 50ml

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EELHOE Teeth Whitening Toothpaste is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for oral care, ensuring fresh breath and effective stain removal. This high-quality toothpaste utilizes natural ingredients to gently penetrate enamel crevices, removing food particles and deep stains, leaving your teeth whiter and your smile brighter. With its advanced stain removal formula, EELHOE toothpaste effectively removes yellow stains and other discolorations, enhancing your overall oral hygiene.

This toothpaste not only focuses on whitening but also supports enamel repair and freshens your breath. The formulation is crafted to be gentle on your teeth while providing a thorough cleaning experience. With consistent use, you can expect significant improvements in the brightness of your teeth and the overall freshness of your breath. The natural ingredients used in the toothpaste ensure that it is safe and effective for daily use.

EELHOE Teeth Whitening Toothpaste comes in a 50ml tube, perfect for your daily oral care routine. It is easy to store in a cool, dry place, and the three-year shelf life ensures you can rely on its quality and effectiveness over time. Experience the confidence of a brighter smile and fresher breath with EELHOE Tooth Whitener Toothpaste.

How to Use

1. Apply a pea-sized amount of toothpaste to your toothbrush.
2. Brush your teeth as you normally would for 2 minutes.
3. Rinse your mouth with clean water after brushing.

Product Details

Brand: EELHOE  
Origin: Mainland China  
Type: Toothpaste  
Benefits: Oral cleaning care, Enamel repair, Fresh breath, Removes tooth stains, Tooth whitening  
Usage: Teeth
Main Ingredients: Natural ingredients  
Net Weight: 1.75 oz / 50 ml

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