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OLAPLEX Hair Bonding Oil No. 1-7

OLAPLEX Hair Bonding Oil No. 1-7

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Experience the ultimate in hair repair and care with the Original No. 1-7 Bonding Oil. This innovative treatment is crafted for dye-damaged hair, providing a softening effect, anti-high temperature protection, anti-hair loss properties, and the nourishing benefits of essential oils.

Formulated to address a spectrum of hair concerns, this bonding oil is designed to revive and fortify damaged hair. Whether you're dealing with the aftermath of dyeing or seeking to enhance the overall health of your locks, No. 1-7 Bonding Oil is your go-to solution.

Key Features:

  • Original No. 1-7 Bonding Oil for comprehensive hair care
  • Softening treatment for dye-damaged hair
  • Anti-high temperature protection for heat styling
  • Anti-hair loss properties for healthier locks
  • Essential oils for deep nourishment and repair

Product Details:

  • Origin: US(Origin)
  • Item Type: Hair & Scalp Treatment
  • Net weight: 30 ml / 100 ml
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