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SEVICH Keratin Hair Fibre Powder

SEVICH Keratin Hair Fibre Powder

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Discover the secret to instant hair transformation with Sevich's Keratin Hair Fibre Powder, a game-changing solution designed for everyone, regardless of gender, who wishes to address thinning hair areas with immediate results. This innovative hair fibre powder works wonders by seamlessly blending with your existing hair, creating an appearance of fullness and thickness that looks entirely natural.

Our Hair Fibre Powder is expertly crafted using premium keratin fibres that adhere to your existing hair, offering a quick and effective way to enhance volume and density. Whether you're preparing for a special event or looking for a daily confidence boost, Sevich provides the perfect solution for instant cosmetic hair thickening.

Experience the magic of Sevich Hair Fibre Powder and enjoy the confidence that comes with fuller, thicker-looking hair in just moments. Say goodbye to worries about thinning areas and hello to a new you, empowered and radiant.

Usage Instructions

  1. Ensure your hair is completely dry before application for optimal results.
  2. Hold the bottle over the thinning area and gently shake to distribute the fibres evenly across the target spots or use the spray nozzle for a quicker application.
  3. Feel free to adjust the quantity of fibres to achieve your desired level of coverage and thickness.
  4. After application, lightly pat your hair to help the fibres blend in and adhere properly.
  5. To secure the fibres and achieve a lasting hold, apply your favourite hair holding spray or another hair fixing product.
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